Ways to connect complex markets


The time to market is crucial in the niche of advanced diagnostics.

The complexity of diagnostic products and services has increased step by step. Upcoming new companies and future developers have a fresh and dynamic way of thinking. Meanwhile most of the buyers are still operating from traditional structures of hospitals or upcoming industrializing lab chains. These two mindsets are often a source of misunderstanding. cobri has developed robust and unique approaches in order to bridge this gap.


In small niche markets the development of new products can no longer wait to run through extended and sophisticated market studies. The innovations of the 21 century, e.g. in biosciences, need to be co-innovated between users and developers. Startups therefore need to gain access to established users in their target groups. Agile innovations focus on building the market contact and on instant feedback for the further refinement of the product.

cobri has trusting relations in the target markets, enabling it to conduct workshops for new creations, to exchange information, to set up evaluation tools and to mirror back directly honest comments.

Time to market is crucial in the niche market of advanced diagnostics. Winning early adopters and references for premium products and services will  focus on the German-speaking market as there are many advanced customers in that territory. Thus the agility of the global business development increases. Yet addressing these segments in Germany is most challanging due to many reasons.

cobri builds the bridge of trust and curiosity with smart and experienced managers and start-ups often lack these ressouces. If you lack the business acumen to launch an innovative product or concept, we will partner you in the design of your pre-sales process, from market analysis during the innovation process to the creation of an independent sales and marketing force.


Our experience and expertise are in the clinical diagnostics, food safety and bioinformatics markets. These niche markets need a premium sales approach: consultative selling.
We will prepare you for your future marketing and sales, by training you and your team in suitable practices and techniques, sharing all deliverables needed for your future success.

During the beginning we help you to sell your innovative products. And we make you understand the rules of the market niches.
We enable you to learn. And not the least we integrate you in a network of international Life Sciences Business.


Business development needs tools for “creativity” and for “building trust”. cobri uses stand-of-the-art methods. Premium workshop designs and moderation skills create a unique atmosphere that invite and host participants. This generates a strong foundation for sustainable contacts between customers and producers.

cobri can do so as we have an open mind-set and open worldview that allow an overarching concept for many different professions, cultures, values and life styles. We bring together complex mixtures of people, organizational needs, phases of innovation cycles and technologies.