An expert system for validations meets a leading market


Finbiosoft Oy is a spin off of a Finnish IVD-manufacturer that designed a leading expert software solution for validations and verifications of diagnostic test systems. cobri took the challenge to approach the German diagnostic market in private and public laboratories for the disruptive solution "Validation Manager".

The cooperation started in 2015 with a project to find the relevant KOL´s, the first potential customers and to win the first corner stone for a strong reputation in one of the most demanding markets in the world. After this first significant footprint in the market Finbiosoft has intensified the cooperation with cobri and convinces more and more of the relevant users.

People say

When we started our cooperation with cobri we were confident to make a profound next step in international markets. Now we can also say that the customers we can reach together with cobri have a significant impact on our business and technological development!
Jani Huttunen, Founder

From zero to hero in its niche

The sales process for an expert software system is complex. It is even more challenging to launch a totally new and innovative solution to the German diagnostic market. cobri started to capture the market and designed the introduction phases in a mutual teamwork together with the CEO and the software engineers from the Finnish expert team of Finbiosoft.

After an investigation of the first reactions to the comprehensive solution for automated validations and verifications it was possible to raise enough attention to arrange the first test installations. This market approach was time saving and highly agile. It was possible to win the first contracts. One of them is a major corner stone in the diagnostic market in Europe  and belongs to the big five laboratory chains in Germany.

Jani Huttunen, CEO, says: "The business developement for our solution "Validation Manager" is too complex and specialized to leave it to a marketing via internet or by distributors. It needs a lot of finetuning in a consultative approach. That was the service we were looking for, when we made acquaintance with cobri".

In each new customer case cobri develops the contacts to the relevant group of persons that are needed to optimize the business process of validations / verifcations at the customers site. "And each solution appears customized though it is a cloud based software." outlines Akseli Virtanen, Vize Presidenr R&D. cobri´s reputation and trust in the German diagnostics makes it possible to establish long lasting customer relations and contracts for Finbiosoft, mostly unknow in Germany before 2015. Today Finbiosoft is recognized and appreciated by many experts in quality management, e.g. the AAL (Assiation of Acceditated Laboritories). 

The cooperation between Finbiosoft and cobri is not only mutual and inspiring in both directions it opened new perspectives and challanges to the technological developement of Finbiosoft. In addition cobri helps to design other portfolio elements of Finbiosoft, e.g. making consulting an essential part of the business next to software engineering.