Look out-of-the-box 

Intellitec has successfully operated in its role of a 2nd tier supplier for major IVD´s. cobri was asked to activate the sales cycle in order to generate new growth potentials and to spread risks due to a broader customer basis  

People say

It is our strength to be an integral part of our customers' business processes. cobri has helped us understand that this USP is not directly recognizable when approaching projects with new customers. As soon as we have found the starting point for our service, we can use the proven satisfaction of our existing customers.
Mirko Stange, CEO and founder

Hidden champion technology

Intellitec develops powerful and reliable laboratory middleware solutions providing connectivity, workflow support and data management allowing laboratories and doctors to improve their processes and to diagnose and treat patients more effectively. Founded more than 20 years ago in Germany it has mostly delivered its customized solutions via big IVD companies. 

Growth intentions as well as the wish to enlarge the customer basis created the need to work on the sales processes. The internal resources were not prepared for presales operations. Therefore cobri started a cooperation to evaluate the short term potentials in the major IVD´s in Germany. In addition it was checked if it was an option to supply German lab chains.

After a first research and focused initial approaches it became clear that it would be beneficial and inevitable to integrate senior expertise in sales due to the fact that the individual sales approaches need long lasting preparations to identify and wait for emerging "pain points" of the prospective clients.   

Finally cobri demonstrated that the appreciation of the existing customers is a key asset and the focus on serving them to a maximum would emphasize the premium service strategy and should not be put at risk by a sales orientated model.