Market expansion and product appreciation at a minimum communication effort


PathoNostics has a team of scientists with a strong background in mycology. Its staff has a lot of experience in the development and commercialization of real-time PCR assays. However, limited resources were available to expand their business to major European countries in the beginning.

To foster the German opportunities cobri developed a niche strategy that offered high quality relations at a reasonable cost and effort for the team of PathoNostics.



People say


In a niche diagnostic market of fungal infections our scientific team is focussed on R&D, application and production. We were very pleased to have cobri at our side to build the relationships to German key opinion leaders and consequently to establish our market in Germany.
Gijs Dingemans, CSO and founder


Look for a needle in a haystack

PathoNostics was founded in 2011 in Maastricht in The Netherlands with a strong scientific background and experience in the field of mycology.

Its PCR assays are focused on the diagnosis of superficial and invasive fungal infections.

The team of PathoNostics consists of scientists working on research and development of molecular diagnostics tests. So far, PathoNostics launched three products succesfully in the market; AsperGenius®, DermaGenius®, and PneumoGenius® in 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively. For market introduction of these products and sales they had to count on reliable partners with knowledge of the field.

For the further market expansion in Germany cobri identified the main key opinion leaders and tested their appreciation for the specific developments of PathoNostics.

The CSO teamed up with cobri and found a reliable partner to present the new assays to the niche pathologists / mycologists at congresses or in one-on-one interviews. Within a short time it was possible for PathoNostics to be recognized in the German market by this very focused approach.