pts Diagnostics


A global player finds its focus in a premier league market


pts Diagnostics provides point-of-care-technologies for Hb1c and lipids has been experiencing double digit growth in the last decade. Germany was considered to be a leading market for pts Diagnostics.

cobri was asked to work out the a rough market exploration identifying target groups, competitors and key distribution channel. As a result a focused launching strategy was co-designed together with the leading sales and marketing personnel. For the first time the German business development advanced significantly.

People say

We were sure to have something strong to offer in the German market, but it was so hard to understand the differences from the distance. The cobri team has proven a clear business acumen in the German diagnostic market that could shift our approaches and expectations to the premier league in Diagnostics.
Stephen Riendeau, CCO

Meeting toughest competition

pts Diagnostics has been a successful developer und manufacturer of handheld point-of-care-technologies and could prove a long track record of double digit growth worldwide. Yet several approaches to the German market with distributors did not show any lasting effects.

For the management of pts Diagnostics it was quite controversial to see a leading diagnostic market with high prospected volumes and hardly any sustainable growth of the own sales in it.

cobri and pts management teamed up to have a closer view at the pts portfolio and its fit to the German demand characteristics. Much to the surprise of pts Diagnostics it became clear, that all market studies and marketing forecasts were overestimating the niche. They were too general and would not specify enough the analytes, technologies, reimbursement and competition in a proper combination.

cobri could identify market niches and distribution strategies that would apply the USP´s of the portfolio. The various management members could align their expectations in a process supported by cobri. Thus  uncertainty of approaches was reduced and decisions could be taken. This lead to a redesigned and focused market entry strategy.

For the first time the German business development took off and found clear, reasonable and proper approaches in the hardest competition pts Diagnostics had ever experienced.