Conference with leading edge topics in quality management.


This year cobri and Finbiosoft were invited to the 18th annual meeting of accredited laboratories (der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Akkreditierter Laboratorien) for the third time to host a workshop "The Cockpit for verifications and validations in the Lab 4.0". Together with Yvette Ziemendorff from Sylab MVZ Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Ms. Schuster Synlab MVZ Leverkusen the workshop envisioned the present state of the art in validation processes and the rapid technological changes in the lab industry. The audiance could get a significant inside in future lab processes in the next years yet to anticipate what to prepare now.

Dialogues beyond booths

We are very thankful for the high interest that we perceived for our customer and the chosen topic.

Finbiosoft was a main sponsor of the event due to the passion for enhancing professionalism in validations.

At our workshop session a lot of participants had an intensive exchange on automated validations today and in the future of the lab 4.0. 

We want to thank all participants for the active discussion.