Very innovative and short-cycled sectors demonstrate their change potential


The international trade fair analytica gethers international specialists from various areas of laboratory technology, analytics and biotechnology. The spectrum of environmental, foodstuffs and industrial analysis, biochemistry, biotechnology, genetic engineering, molecular and cell biology offers the most important European trade fair with congress of its kind.

Analytica regularly brings together scientists, industry and users and make is a strong resource of cuting edge developments for cobri every second year.



At the digital threshold of diagnostics

This years analytica conference demonstrated the impact of IT-technology and digital transformations in various facets.  Analytics in ife science diagnostics increase their outcomes and their efficiency. Todays drivers of massive change come from are smart and courageous combinations of technical and human skills that are augmented by digital enhancements.

cobri is curious to find out how to exceed the known borders and to reach new options, better standards and higher reliability.