Quality in the Spotlight - Next Geraration in Lab Medicine


What suprises next in Quality Management.

The conference "Next generation Total Quality Management in Medical Laboratories" focused on the disruptive innovation in quality management in laboratory medicine. Here is a grasp of the changes today: the material change (from venapunction blood towards fingerprick blood), the instrumental change (from high-end robotics to small POCT instruments), the personnel change (from lab workers towards everybody) and so on …and all results in quality management changes.  This  challenging and historic meeting was in Antwerp in March 2018.

These leading edge perspectives give cobri one more backgroud for consultancy and business development in rapidly changing circumstances in medical diagnostics.


Anticipating the uncertainty

Beeing part of leading edge movements, like the evolution of validation and verification of diagnostic testing, cobri is driver and observer of disruptive options in the diagnostic industry. Conferences like this in Antwerp bring together highly respected innovators and movers. We hear and see the moves and put it in a broughter picture to anticipate the chances and risks of a near future.