Munich Point-of-Care Testing Symposium


POCT: a growing market segment.

Within the last years the world of diagnostic options has been enriched by an increasing number of powerful point-of-care technologies. At the 3. Munich Point-of-Care Testing Symposium experts from various origins disussed options and limits of these approaches.

cobri took the oportunity to meet leading personalities and established / upcoming suppliers in this field. The optimism of the conference / symposium was mixed with many sceptical or warning voices. 

Researching what is next

The long lasting experience of cobri is yet to be updated when new areas of possibilities make their course.  

cobri took the occation to research for its customers what would be the opportunities and threats of now technologies, in this case the miniaturisation and integration of in-vitro-diagnostics. We could use these reseach results for discribing and estimating the target groups and potential sales areas for our customers.

Researching and estimating near futures by looking at a broader picture is one of cobri´s core competencies.