SLAS Europe 2018


Leading edge conference and exhibition​​​ in ​​latest developments in instrumentation and automation.

On 27-29 June 2018 the first pan-European SLAS Europe Conference and Exhibition was held in Brussels Belgium. The event brought together more than 1,000 academic and industry scientists and technologists from around the world exchanging the emerging and hot topics in Biology, Technology and Discovery. Latest developements in instrumentation and automation in diagnostics. 

cobri could keep in touch with the lab 4.0 trends and observe the upcoming technologies and suppliers. 


Revolutionizing the foundations of diagnostics

Life science diagnostics have become the industry of enormous and often disruptive technological changes.

Instrumentation and lab automation speed up and gain more and more relevance in the diagnostic field. The SLAS focused on a transmission from research insights to routine work. cobri has always been enriching business developement by the upcoming opportunities and threats in the diagnostic industry. It became obvious how much system integrations and data management change the possibilities and efficiency in the lab world. The power of these changes are often underestimated by established suppliers, espacially when the have their main business in the pharmaceutical industry. 

cobri keeps track of the major shifts and loves to support innovative suppliers and buyers to create brake throughs in a conservative market environment.