The serious fun fact


Fun is a serious thing. It generates energy and charisma.

Sales representatives, supervisors and entire teams need more charisma. The Corona crisis has turned us into serious persons. Do we block ourselves? Sure we do. As soon as you change that, it has serious consequences: You steal out again, have more persuasive power with your energy and attract people. cobri offers you a compact program of 28 days. A good mood package for "rocking" the business.

What moves us more than joie de vivre?

How long can we really stay serious?

Would the world be worse if we had more fun?

Creativity needs lightness

Recent brain research precisely defines that we are only able to generate complex, demanding creative solutions in a state of little tension, stress, anxiety, etc. This makes joie de vivre, fun and the relaxing change of perspectives a serious thing in business. The more we focus on "crisis", the less chance we have of solving it. This sounds paradoxal and can only be handled with good instructors who get you out of your problem tunnel.

In a well-designed program of 10 modules, including 4 self-coaching instructions and 6 intensive work appointments, we create a mental, physical and emotional reversal process towards fun and joie de vivre. 

The fun of doing this makes the seriousness of the matter so easy.

Attraction quickly rebuilt

From the early moments of the corona crisis cobri realized how much these changes would depress us. And we immediately launched the first prototypes to counteract this. Today we have a highly effective compact package for individuals who want to get out of this "tunnel" of tristess. And we have gained very good experiences and very grateful customers.

Attached is the German brochure, which provides an insight into the program. If you desire more English information, let us know.