Business processes


Reliable relations.

Visionary work comes to life when cobri contributes to your excellent R&D of premium products and services. Winning the appreciation of managers in clinical diagnostics requires drastic and innovative actions in a conservative environment. cobri sees things from the customer’s perspective due to its pragmatic approach.

Meanwhile customer startups focus investing in their scientific foundations.

Beyond standard business

Short cuts in market approaches are an advantage of cobri as it has connections to managers in the mar- ket who trust in reliable, honest and committed relations from human to human.

Field testings are challenges for inexperienced marketers. cobri has the know-how, the know-where and the know-when-with-whom. Reliable relations.

Passion for excellent services is not a rocket science. Rather, it is a constant attention to "stuff that works" combined with innovative service approaches. You can remain focused on your excellent products and services. cobri focuses on bringing them to customers that value them by means of thriving and sustainable business developments.

Training and Coaching make you grow your potentials and thrive in addition to your short-term business success.

Mutual approaches

Feedback and feedforward makes you aware of what ever conditions you face in your markets. We keep you comfortable in your cockpit. Use that excellerated learning curve.

Consultative selling is the answer to complex premium product sales processes. Our experts were using this approach before it became popular in diagnostics.

Open worldviews empower cobri to link to various cultures, nationalities, professions, languages or preferences of values. In practice we know that this is the key to the adoption of solutions, such as appropriate adequate pricing models or marketing communications.

Mutual trust has always been the life principle of our work. Appreciation at its best.