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Silke Schneegans is the founder of cobri. The extensive sales experience in different life science market segments such as Clinical Diagnostics, Food & Beverage industry contribute to her significant expertise for effective solutions in premium sales operations and business development.

Her sustainable relations come from  the ability to discover, analyze and lead relationships with empathy and lasting trust.

Silke is an entrepreneur with passion. With more than 30 years experience in the EMEA market, she is a competent communicator at all levels and a result-driven professional with strong negotiation and influencing skills and with an extensive network.

What kind of adaptable service model are you looking for?

What kind of increased professionalism in accessing your target industries could liberate your development?

How long do you want to make your experiences before your business development takes off?

I am glad that cobri´s service concept has proven the balance of being adequately linked to the established market players and yet feasible and flexible enough for flourishing and dynamic new businesses. In other words, I love that challenge of enhancing the quality of the Life Sciences industry with - good - though not yet established good solutions.

My founder´s background: In 1986 I started my career as a medical technical laboratory assistant in the clinical diagnostics for hospitals and universities. Later I switched to research and diagnostic markets at Bayer AG for 6 years.

Besides the research work I studied business administration. At an US based start-up company in Palo Alto CA which dealed with international projects for genetic diseases, I elaborated my next level of B2B communication and acted as an international project manager.

Since 2004 I have focused on business development challenges e.g. Cepheid, Oxford Immunotec, MVZ Labor Dr. Stein. I am able to convince  the  most relevant Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) for different markets. At Life Technologies / Thermo Fisher Scientific I also enriched my insights in the European / Middle East / Africa markets as a Global Key Account Manager of Food Safety products.

So many excellent products and services could create a step forward in the life sciences market. Many of them come from innovative young companies with fresh thinking. What happens when they get in touch with established markets and tough competitors?  

Modern economies have speeded up development processes from year to year. The pressure and need to recruit highly experienced personnel to fill every position in the launch process for products and services has become a crucial – if not to say essential – factor to succeed in marketplaces like biotechnology or diagnostics. Thus the functions of “sales, marketing, coach- ing” are something that startups or medium-sized businesses should leave to professional approaches.

In addition it has become clear to me, how many potentials are waiting in humans once we offer them an appropreate frame.

People are getting in action by me.

Warm regards,
Silke Schneegans