Next team level: Fun


Strikingly good teams make the success

Teams are currently facing significant challenges. Teams also want to develop further. Teams know what they need. cobri focuses on this self-reinforcing effect in the program Team- & Leader- Development. From the inside out, the teams look for their next development goals. And cobri generates the framework, the dynamics and pays attention to the methodology.

Striking differences

Team developments have special opportunities to develop new potentials in the ongoing crisis. Since the beginning of the corona crisis, cobri has been focusing intensively on strengthening the emotional agility of individuals and teams. The cooperation with the teams strengthens the ability to generate charisma again. With a good mood. 

When good-humored team members meet customers, it creates attraction. And it is currently easier to create business this way. With our program "The Serious Team Fun" we activate, joie de vivre, fun and humor, in the Team- & Leader- Development in a short time.  "Everything is easier with fun" is particularly true in these times of crisis.


Lone fighters are "out" for customers. And sales teams with a clear "WE" overcome difficulties much more solution-oriented and self-confident. Customers are moving into the focus, and clearly so.

The fun of this Team- & Leader- Project makes the seriousness of the matter easier. 

Performance comes with fun - and not alone -

Activation of self-dynamics

We developed a basic approachs that challenge the team members in their own ways. 

The German document above shows ways how teams align themselves. And the focus is on the customer. If you need futher information in English, let us know.